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It would be impossible to count the amount of times Ashley heard, "With that hair, you must be Irish!"  Growing up as a redhead, people were always reminding her of her heritage with such charisma.  Like all the Irish and Irish Americans, she is very proud of her roots and the breath-taking beauty of the Emerald Isle.  In 2010, Ashley opened Celtic Aer Gift Shop, with many unique Irish and Celtic imports in stock.

As for the living, breathing Irish import:  her Dad, Patrick, is always busy movin'-and-a-shakin' (and -a whistlin') around here somewhere.  He's been on this very corner of Route 6 and Strawberry Road since 1992, when he opened Celtic Farms & Nursery.  Located right next door, you'll find many seasonal offerings, such as plants, shrubs, pumpkins, Christmas trees, as well as sheds, barns, garages and gazebos.  So if an authentic brogue is what you're looking for, then you'll always find it here.

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