10k Gold Trinity Pearl Earrings by Shanore

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Stunning and elegant, a Trinity Knot is fashioned in 10k Yellow Gold. The intertwining gold motif is accentuated with an equally stunning, single pearl.

Unique and intricate beauty

These earrings offer so much beauty to the lucky beholder. The Trinity Knot imagery represents rich Celtic history and art. The three pointed figure designed from a single, unbroken line is significant in its three individual points and as a whole. A strong, balanced figure that relies on all three points of importance for its strength. Three separate ideas can be represented by each of the three points, and the wearer may choose which three ideas they are. Often they signify The Holy Trinity, or the three elements of land, water and air. Accentuating this beautiful insignia is the pearl.

The beautiful Pearl often is used to signify a generous spirit, a loyal gesture and of course a unique and rare beauty. Pearls exude purity and class while offering a glamorous appeal to the lucky wearer.

The earrings are fashioned from 10k Yellow gold, a classic and traditional element that relays a feeling of class, elegance and finesse.

Sunday best

These head turning earrings are of rare beauty. Trinity Knots, Pearls and brilliant 10k Yellow Gold make these a must have for your most special occasion, or for gifting to the most deserving woman of elegance.

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