Bill Baber Ballater Poncho

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The Ballater is an essential addition to any collection or wardrobe...and you won't regret owning one, or three! Knitted using their signature silk/linen mix, you have a great balance of lightweight vs warmth. The 4-colour sailors knot design at the trim is bold and engaging, a shawl to be admired by all. Perfect for a cool night at the beach our an outdoor event in the breezy, fresh air.

Wear this Ballater shawl loose around your neck as shown, similar to a pashmina or shawl. If you want to dress it up a little you can pin with a brooch at the shoulder and wrap one edge round your shoulders.

One size fits all and can be worn in any number of styles.

50% silk, 25% linen, 25% cotton.

Handmade Scotland by Bill Baber (a family business established in Edinburgh 1977)

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