Boxed Beady Celtic Chakra Necklace

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Our Celtic Chakra necklaces are threaded with genuine Chakra gemstones and hematite. They are approximately 17″ long and are fastened with one of our very own pewter Celtic Hooks & Eyes. They are presented in gift boxes with an informative tag and Chakra information.

Handmade item by Black Dragon Crafts, Wales

The pewter is lead free – we use no nickel in any of our products either. Pewter is a “soft” metal alloy composed of approx. 95% tin, with copper plus a little antimony and bismuth, mainly to help the mixture harden. All are natural materials, the mining of which has almost no impact on the environment. My beads appreciate a wash in soapy water from time to time and will eventually lose their brightness. If you want to restore them and keep them bright, I recommend a polish with “Peek”, or a gentle rub with a non-abrasive nylon scourer. For myself, I love to see them age…they grow dull and tell stories, like a tankard or charger from the olden days.

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