Celtic Cross Advent Wreath

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The Advent Ceremony

Advent activities have had a significant resurgence in recent years.  Because of the growing commercialization of the Christmas season, many families have found that lighting advent candles and reading the Christmas story from the Scriptures has deepened their appreciation of the true meaning of this Holy Season.

For Roman Catholics and many Protestants: Advent is the time period covering the four Sundays before Christmas (and the days in-between them). The beginning of Western Advent can therefore fall any time between November 27th and December 3rd.

Celtic Advent is always Nov.15 - Dec.24 (Observance begins at Sunset on Nov. 14). 

  • 10″L x 7″W
  • Made of resin and is finished in a striking dark green patina.
  • Boxed and includes all four (10 x 3/4 inch) standard candles (three purple, one pink) and an Advent pamphlet.
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