Silver Celtic Tribal + Trinity Earrings with Amethyst

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Distinctive and bold Celtic Tribal sterling silver Trinity knot earrings combine traditional Celtic symbols with beautiful modern style. Each earrings pendant is shaped in a four-arc suggestive of the Celtic cross shape, and accented with bright sterling silver Trinity Knots. Each accent frames a sparkling Amethyst gemstones situated at the center of the design.

Trinity Knots and Amethyst

The Trinity Knot is a striking three-pointed figure that is created from a single, unbroken line. All of the points are similar, but represent their own idea. They may signify to the wearer The Holy Trinity, the three earthly elements of land, sea, and sky, or past, present and future. Their detail is intricate and stark against the dark backdrop crafted from black oxidation treatment.

The Amethyst shines brilliantly against the use of light and shadow in the rest of the pendant. Framed by tribal markings and Trinity Knots it takes on not only an eye-catching beauty but also significant meaning. The purple colored gemstone may often inspire wealth in both the spiritual and physical realm, as well as suggest a calming effect. The amethyst stone is also a stone of creativity and artistic inspiration.

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