Claddagh Ring Encrusted With Peridot Swarovski Crystals

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This beautiful sterling silver Claddagh ring is encrusted with brilliant Peridot Swarovski® crystals. Fine craftsmanship is showcased through the intricate detail in the hands, crown and heart images of the traditional symbol. The inside of the band is engraved with "Love, Loyalty, Friendship."

Claddagh and Peridot

The Claddagh ring is a classic design in Celtic art, culture, and lore comprised of three parts:  hand, heart, and crown. The hands signify friendship, the heart for love, and the crown is meant to signify loyalty. All of the components create a striking image, and also a solid representation of the main ingredient to any important relationship.

Peridot inspires prosperity of body and mind and a sense of calm. This sparkling gemstone is rich in color and meaning, and used in accordance with the Claddagh symbol suggests a positive energy and positive relationship.

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