Claddagh Silver Emerald and Diamond Earrings

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Could there be any two more famous or indicative symbols than the Celtic knot and the Claddagh ring to depict Ireland's vibrant cultural heritage? Absolutely not! And with these beautiful earrings from Shanore's creative team, no one will doubt your love and affiliation with the Emerald Isle!

Beautifully crafted out of sterling silver, these earrings are formed from two hoops. The inner circlets sport a delicate Celtic Knot made even more brilliant by the bright gold plating. The outer hoops are actually an updated version of the Claddagh ring. The heart and crown hang ever in the center and the hands curve up- encircling all within the embrace of friendship. On either arm, a gorgeous inlay of an emerald flanked by two diamonds add a delightful and enchanting sparkle to the smooth lines while hinting, once again, at the Irish heritage of these two beloved symbols.

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