Garden of Ireland Soap 3 Pack (2Lav+HeatherMoss)

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Known as the Garden of Ireland, Wicklow is a county of many landscapes, a place where indigenous Irish forests still thrive, fields of crops are enclosed within miles of hedgerow, cottages nestle beside colourful gardens, mountains hide picturesque lakes and the sea laps onto sandy beaches. 

Slip into the soothing serenity of the Irish countryside, anytime, with Garden of Ireland. Our bath and body care collection was inspired by the rolling green landscapes, flowers and fields of County Wicklow - where Fragrances of Ireland has been based for over thirty years.

Still scented with the familiar and loved Heather & Moss along with an aromatic lavender fragrance, this lovely milled soap has a luxurious, fragrant lather and is presented in our colorful new paper wrap.

Formulated with a blend of sustainable palm oil enriched with moisturizing shea butter and hydrating glycerine, it cleanses without drying the skin.


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