Sterling Silver Pint of Stout Bead

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Tara's Diary Sterling Silver Pint of Stout Bead with Scripted Detail and Black Enamel coating. Presented in a gift box.


Stout is the dark malt beer of choice in Ireland. In the Emerald Isle, Stout is not just for drinking but is a kitchen staple. Used for sweetening sauces or marinating a classic meat and potato dish, this hearty drink is a go-to. Over Ten Million glasses of Irish Stout are sold every day around the world?and for good reason! This Irish Pint is a healthier option than most light beers. So grab a Pint and Cheers to your special occasion.

Raise a Pint!

Whether worn with humor or Genuine Pride, this Pint of Stout Bead is a perfect addition to your ever-growing Tara's Diary collection. String this charming bead onto your Sterling Silver or braided leather bracelet from ShanOre to mark your 21st birthday or celebrate a promotion with a raise of the glass! This endearing piece is a must have bit of Irish Culture. Whatever the celebratory occasion, remember it with a Pint of Stout!

Metal: Sterling Silver
Weight: 2.2 grams
Width: 9 mm
Height: 16mm
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