Celtic DNA Earrings SS w/ Gold 14k

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These earrings are a stunning accessory inspired by the Irish history and genealogy. Crafted in sterling silver and rhodium plated for flawless finish, the hook-topped earrings are designed like double helix spirals of DNA. The Claddagh or Trinity earrings are enhanced with fine Irish knot work that covers the entire drop portion from top edge to the bottom.


In the center is a golden Claddagh/Trinity symbol made up of two hands holding a crowned heart. As the Claddagh is an ancient Celtic sign of love, loyalty and friendship, these earrings also signify the same qualities in the wearer. The trinity knot is an age old Irish symbol that signifies the three forms of the goddess – the maiden, the maid and the crone. These charming earrings can also be purchased with a matching silver Claddagh or Trinity necklace. Wear these to show your everlasting connection to your ancestral homeland.


Each purchase comes with a small folding booklet which describes more about each of the Celtic symbols, elevating this very special gift. All silver earrings are rhodium plated and come with rubber back to keep earring in place.

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