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Wild Atlantic Way:  Inspired by a trip along the spectacular Wild Atlantic Way Coastline, which spans 1,500 miles of Ireland’s western seaboard, this fragrance of flower meadows & sweet coastal heathers has been infused with ozonic sea salt accordperfectly encapsulating the freshness and vitality of a day spent by the Atlantic Ocean.

Cliffs of Moher:  Rising 700ft above the Atlantic Sea, and traversing the horizon for over 8 miles, they are both majestic and mesmerising; to visit them is always such a pleasure. My favourite memory of visiting the Cliffs is of a glorious sun filled day spent at the cliffs in late August after the rays burned off the sea mist to reveal the cliffs in all their glory. Sunlight danced on the waves and a fresh breeze from the land scented with wild flowers mixed with the taste of the ocean to create a truly magical memory for me.





Handmade in Ireland

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