Celtic Legends Chess Set *Handpainted*

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The Celtic Legends Handmade and Handpainted Chess Set is inspired from Ireland’s mystical days.  In every culture in the world there is a struggle between light and dark, good and evil -- continually striving to maintain balance.  In the Celtic & Irish culture, this is repesented by the Tuatha de Dannan (the people of the light) and the Fomoreans (the people of the darkness).  Legend tells of two great battles that took place between these tribes on the west coast of Ireland in a place known as Ma Tuire.  In the first battle, the Tuatha de Dannan arrived from the skies to face the Fomoreans who rose from the earth.  The Tuatha were defeated in the first battle, and were victorious in the second battle.  We now have them on opposing sides again and it is up to you to decide the outcome!

Each piece uses the weaponry of this period:

The Tuatha Pawn has a spear and round shield; the Knight has a cudgel/axe.  The Fomor were a rag-taggle bunch of warriors scavenging what weaponry they could, with the Pawns using a small axe and dagger; the Knight using a large axe and shield; the King has a dagger and what spells he can conjure; while the Queen uses her potions and poisons!

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